How is Zoo Different?
Maximum capital efficiency, accurate performance tracking, and the lowest cost possible.

Problems in Current DeFi Index Products

The biggest problem with current DeFi index tokens is inaccuracy.
The current tokenized indices get exposures by holding the underlying tokens, and rebalances through Layer-1 spot markets. This is highly inefficient and costly, resulting in the lacking of index product diversity, inferior performance tracking and high fees. There is also multiple gatekeepers to launch new product, even though the community is highly enthusiastic.

Zoo's Solution

Compared to other DeFi index projects, IndexZoo’s key differentiator is where the index gets exposure: IndexZoo uniquely sources exposures from DEX derivatives contracts (perpetual futures contracts and options contracts), neither from the spot market nor synthetic exposures between long and short users.
  • This method enables IndexZoo to actively rebalance its ETF tokens intraday at a very low cost, and provides the most accurate index tracking to investors, which is essential for any tokenized index products. The fact that most DEX derivative contracts are settled on Layer-2 made it possible.
  • IndexZoo is also able to provide high leverage tokens (up to x5) using derivatives contracts and margin trading, providing the maximized capital efficiency for hedging and speculation.
  • IndexZoo also does not require a debt position on lending protocols to achieve leverage, hence further minimizing fees and passing along savings to users.
  • IndexZoo's ultimate goal is enable permission-less user index creation for any basket of cryptos with any leverage. Therefore, anyone can create a customized hedging or speculation solutions for any individual wallet, because smart investment tools like these are what DeFi is all about.
IndexZoo aims to be an integral part of the DeFi infrastructure by connecting DEX Derivatives to investors, through its various customizable tokenized indices. Our strategic partners will include DEX such as Dydx, Perpetual Protocol, Kine Exchange, and OPYN.

Zoo's Multi-Chain Mission

Zoo's vision is to create indices for any blockchain and let users access them from any blockchain. We believe that the future is multi-chain, and any blockchain will have its own index product encompassing its ecosystem tokens. Hence, we are partnering with NEAR, Polygon, Avalanche and much more chains, to co-launch Zoo's tokens from Ethereum, and also create ecosystem indices.
Zoo's Bear and Bull leveraged tokens will be launched on NEAR, Polygon, Avalanche and much more chains. Users may chose theirs chains to purchase and hold the indices, saving gas fees.
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