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Tokenized Indices for Any Basket of Crypto Currencies with Any Leverage.

What is IndexZoo?

IndexZoo is an ecosystem of tokenized indices that gives you long, short and leveraged exposures to any basket of cryptocurrencies. IndexZoo is founded to provide the most accurate leveraged token, diverse index exposure (long/short/leverage/non-linear), at the lowest cost.
IndexZoo is custodial-less, debt-less, and permission-less: Index Tokens are in your own wallet. Leverage is achieved through margin trading that does not require a debt position. Anyone can create a portfolio with desired allocation and leverage.
In the stock markets today, ETF is the dominant force that absorbs the most assets under management from both retail and institutional investors. We believe the future of DeFi investment will be aggregated to tokenized ETFs that provide the same benefits like customization, low fee, and accuracy, plus the advantage of custodial-less, transparency, and decentralized governance.
However, DeFi Index products are still in its infancy. There are many problems that need to be solved before the mass adoption of tokenized indices as an investment vehicle. This is why IndexZoo is founded.


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