Future Animals
We are building the DeFi Index Zoo!

Who is coming next to the ZOO?

Here’s a teaser on Indexzoo’s future animals. If you have ideas, be sure to join our Discord and Telegram to let ZooKeepers know!

Giant Panda, The Bear’s Smart Relative

The Bear is designed to be straightforward, tracking the leveraged inverse return of the indexed return linearly. It is highly accurate, but passive. What if users want something more exciting, like actively making money in bear markets, and fine with taking on more risks? Meet the Bear’s smart relative, the Giant Panda. Mr. Panda is a smart fellow, he has his own view on where the market goes and will decide whether to leverage-on or to hold cash based on market conditions. He loves to continue taking profits and adding-on wins when there’s a trend, and simply hold cash when the trend is against it. Mr. Panda will not panic rebalance and lose to volatility drift in zigzag market consolidations but will hold its positions until market direction clears. The Giant Panda is currently en-route to the IndexZoo.
Follow the ZOO’s social media and check out the Panda Habitat once the construction completes!

The Bull, Bear’s Lifelong Antagonist.

The Bear’s antagonist, the Bull, is also on its way to join the party. It is really not that different from the Bear, only that it goes up with the market as opposed to going down. The Bull is also a highly accurate but passive token like the Bear. It’s also leveraged, rebalances continuously, and has a fixed leverage target. The Bull is here to solve what the FLI 2x series failed to deliver - accurate leverage tracking. With IndexZoo’s perpetual contract method and continuous rebalancing, the Bull will have much higher leverage and much more accurate tracking, for a true leveraged token experience.

The Vulture, a Liquidation Opportunistic Hunter

Ever since the inception of DeFi lending, liquidation bot and liquidation reward is a constant theme. In fact, in the market crash in May 2021 alone, $1.23 Billion is liquidated, enough dead meat to make our opportunistic hunter drool. The Vulture is a liquidation bot aggregator that connects to all major DEXes and lending protocols, constantly monitors market health, and deploys fast capital to get the liquidation reward whenever it happens. Such an animal is what the IndexZoo needs to have, and is planning to get soon.
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