IndexZoo IZO Token

Be a ZooKeeper by holding IZO Token!

Be a ZooKeeper!

IZO, IndexZoo’s governance token, is the crown jewel of the ZOO ecosystem. You can become a ZooKeeper by holding the IZO token. As a proud Zookeeper, you have:

  • Voting rights on the ZOO’s governance such as new product launch and others.

  • 100% of ZOO’s revenue through distribution and buyback.

Since IndexZoo has a suite of product designed for hedging against the bear market, IZO’s value will be associated as a bear market protection. Therefore, we envision IZO to be a risk-heaven cryptocurrency mirroring the Swiss franc and Japanese Yen in the Foreign Exchange market, a self-fulfilling prophecy simply as a result of consensus.

Users can earn IZO tokens through IndexZoo’s liquidity mining program. IndexZoo encourages users to stake ETH and USDT in ZOO’s Excessive Margin Pool, which serves as extra margin protection for IZO token protocol traded on DEXes. Staking in ZOO’s Margin Pool helps users to increase the safety of the IZO and in return is rewarded with the IZO token.

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