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SetTokenCreator is a smart contract used to deploy new SetToken contracts. The SetTokenCreator is a Factory contract that is enabled by the controller to create and register new SetTokens.

function create( 
    address[] memory _components, int256[] memory _units, 
    address[] memory _modules, 
    address _manager, 
    string memory _name, 
    string memory _symbol 
) external onlyOwner returns (address)

Creates a SetToken smart contract and registers the SetToken with the controller. The SetTokens are composed of positions that are instantiated as DEFAULT (positionState = 0) state. Administrative function only called by owner.

  • _components List of addresses of components for initial Positions

  • _units List of units. Each unit is the number of components per 10^18 of a SetToken

  • _modules List of modules to enable. All modules must be approved by the Controller

  • _manager Address of the manager

  • _name Name of the SetToken

  • _symbol Symbol of the SetToken

  • address Address of the newly created SetToken

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